Reduce your churn and boost your revenue

Gamify your product to increase user engagement, decrease churn, and drive revenue growth with our easy-to-use components and APIs.

Make them addicted

Transform user experience with gamification to reduce churn and boost recurring revenue

Boost User Retention

Keep users hooked with captivating gamified experiences, reducing churn and ensuring long-term customer loyalty.

Drive Revenue Growth

Monetize engagement! Turn user participation into revenue by leveraging gamification strategies that boost sales and increase profits.

Enhance User Satisfaction

Deliver delight! Elevate user satisfaction with a gamified platform that turns ordinary tasks into enjoyable and rewarding experiences.

A set of components and APIs to gamify your product


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Grow your business retention in only 5 minutes


Build in Go, made for scale

High security

Protect user privacy with minimal data storage — only a unique user ID is retained. Advanced security ensures a safe and reliable user experience.

Premium quality performance

Maximize efficiency and speed for a smooth user experience, even under high load conditions.

Advanced Customization

You have the ability to customize it exactly the way you want.

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