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Our vision


Please note that this roadmap is subject to change with customer feedback.

  1. Keepuser v0.1Available

    Streak, Levels, Leaderboard, Coins, Punch Card components and APIs

  2. Keepuser v0.2In development

    New ranking system component

  3. Keepuser v0.3Not started

    Badges component and API

  4. Keepuser v0.4Not started

    Quests and Missions with no code builder tool

  5. Keepuser v0.5Not started

    Mystery Box component and API

  6. Keepuser v0.6Not started

    Goals and Milestones component and API

  7. Keepuser v0.7Not started

    Rewards component and API

  8. Keepuser v0.8Not started

    More Customizable UI components and APIs

  9. Keepuser v0.9Not started


  10. Keepuser v1.0Not started

    Improve admin dashboard